Climbing Leiden’s Windmill

Leiden-Holland (22)Continuing from yesterday’s Pilgrim walk in Leiden, I visited the Molen de Valk, a windmill built in 1785.

The museum contains the only remaining miller’s residence in Holland.

Living rooms…

Leiden-Holland (24) Leiden-Holland (24a) …kitchen…

Leiden-Holland (26) Leiden-Holland (25)….from here we begin our climb..

Leiden-Holland (27)…to the upper floors…

Leiden-Holland (28)…to the deck for a panoramic view of Leiden..

Leiden-Holland (29)The top of this type of windmill could be moved to face the wind by means of a wheel…

Leiden-Holland (30) Leiden-Holland (32)…that was powered by the miller walking on these little wedges on the wheel…

Leiden-Holland (33)…and was secured to the deck by these hooks.

Leiden-Holland (31)A few pictures of the sails and building.

Leiden-Holland (37) Leiden-Holland (34) Leiden-Holland (35) Leiden-Holland (36)Back inside are displayed some of the tools and weights.

Leiden-Holland (39) Leiden-Holland (38)…but there is more further up…

Leiden-Holland (40)Leiden-Holland (42)Leiden-Holland (41)…why do I never remember that I have to climb back down?

Leiden-Holland (43)…but there is helpful advice…

Leiden-Holland (44)…pause to look at a few more implements….

Leiden-Holland (46) Leiden-Holland (47)…before descending again…

Leiden-Holland (45)…and out through the area for carts…

Leiden-Holland (48) Leiden-Holland (49)..and one last look before leaving for the train.

Leiden-Holland (50)A big thanks to the lovely Jo, of Jo’s Monday Walk.  (Sorry for the double entry this week, Jo!) Check out here page and see where everyone has been walking.




11 thoughts on “Climbing Leiden’s Windmill

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    • Grazie per i vostri commenti gentili! Le tue fotografie sono belle! Mi piace viaggiare in Italia, especaily Liguria, e la speranza di ge a Venezia questa primavera. (Scusate se il mio italiano è male, io sto usando Google Translate.)

  2. Ah, you have been to my home country! Hope you also got to see Delft. Of course you saw part(s) of Amsterdam – have you been in more cities? Yes, the stairs in the windmills I don’t walk! But in general, stairs houses in the present days are still much steeper than the ones in the USA:)

    • Yes, I have been lucky enough to visit Delft, and a few other cities, just not this year. I don’t mind the climbing up but the going down is another matter!

      • The Netherlands is the land of the stairs. Only in apartments are no stairs inside, but at least one for the rest of the houses:) What was your favorite city/town?

      • I have fallen in love completely with Amsterdam. I love all the beautiful little streets and cafes and the knitting community here is fabulous! (I see that you are a knitter as well.)
        BTW, we have stairs inside our apartment!

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