Following the Footsteps of Pilgrims in Leiden

Leiden-Holland (1)Just 40 minutes away from Amsterdam is the pretty little city of Leiden. Armed with my “Pilgrim Tour” pamphlet I had acquired on a previous visit, I set out to see some of the sites associated with this period of history.

The day was gorgeous, if very cold, as I crossed the canals….

Leiden-Holland (2)..and this handsome gent was sunning himself….

Leiden-Holland (3)..when I came upon the first stop on the tour…this monument by Gert van der Woude commemorating the departure of the Pilgrims to the New World.

Leiden-Holland (4)Leiden-Holland (5)…it was under this bridge that they sailed…

Leiden-Holland (6)This is St Louis Church which, before the Reformation, was a stop for pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela. It then became one of the town’s textile hall. Many Pilgrims found work in the production of serge.

Leiden-Holland (7)The trail led me to this pretty little shopping street….Leiden-Holland (8)….at the end of which was a hill, yes, a hill, not a usual site here in Holland. The hill, a motte, was constructed around 1000AD and the castle on top built around the middle of the 12th century.

Leiden-Holland (9)From the top are some lovely views of Leiden.

Leiden-Holland (10) Leiden-Holland (11)Back in the town….

Leiden-Holland (12)Next I went to St Peter’s Church. The inside of the church is beautiful, especially on this sunny day with the light streaming in.

Leiden-Holland (13)

Leiden-Holland (15)My one of my favorite Dutch painters in buried here.

Leiden-Holland (14)Time for a little repast in the cafe of the church. Fresh mint tea and Dutch Apple Pie.

Leiden-Holland (16)Back outside, down a little street, are almshouses where the Pilgrims lived. (They are just behind the green door in the arch.) Apparently they could hear the organ music of the Sunday services. According to John Robinson, the Pilgrim’s preacher, it was “the devil’s bagpipes.” He, and some other 30 Pilgrims, are interred in St Peter’s. Who says the Dutch don’t have a sense of humour.

Leiden-Holland (17)Back around the church and through other little streets is what  was the prison…

Leiden-Holland (19)…and across the square, in the building with the stepped gable, was the Latin School. Rembrandt studied here while the Pilgrims were in Leiden.

Leiden-Holland (20)….but enough of Pilgrims…tomorrow…Windmills…..

Please join us for Jo’s Monday Walk !

13 thoughts on “Following the Footsteps of Pilgrims in Leiden

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  2. What a wonderfully peaceful walk, Minou. 🙂 I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t even made it to Amsterdam yet! I always want to do tulip time but something always gets in the way 😦
    I especially love that shot of the statue who looks like he’s about to take a flying leap across the canal 🙂 Many thanks for joining me and the link.

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  5. I enjoyed this walk with you through Leiden. A lovely sunny day for a walk and lovely photographs, especially the reflections. I also enjoyed reading about the Pilgrims 🙂
    Jude xx via Jo’s Walks

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