Amsterdam by Night

Amsterdam2 Walking along the canals at night….

We went to see some of the installations for the Amsterdam Light Festival.This is the one I was thought most amazing. From the back…

Amsterdam3…but from the front.

Amsterdam4And a longer shot just because it is so beautiful.

Amsterdam6Walking back along the waterfront, a canal..

AMsterdam7…and around the corner.

I love this area: it reminds me of Venice.

Amsterdam8A little further along, just at the top of the Red Light District.

Amsterdam10The back of the 800 year old Oude Kerk. Yes, those red lights are what you think.

(And the star filter on the new camera works!)

Amsterdam11A little further along, on the way home.

Amsterdam12One of my favorite galleries. They always have amusing things.

Amsterdam13And my favorite chandelier shop.

Amsterdam14Along the same street was a garage with a chandelier. (Sorry for the bad picture quality but it was just too funny.) I wonder if they bought the chandelier from the shop at the top of the street.

Amsterdam15And, lastly, bike parking.

Amsterdam16Thanks for taking this walk with me! Please join in the fun at:

Happy Walking!


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