So there was this lion on the street…..

Amsterdam01CNY15So, I was just wandering aimlessly this afternoon and there was this lion walking on the street…..

and he had a entourage.

Amsterdam02CNY15He was a happy lion, on his way to dance in front of businesses to bring them good fortune.

Amsterdam03CNY15Long strings of fireworks are laid in the streets. Note that there is a fire official…..

Amsterdam04CNY15….with a lit cigarette.

Amsterdam05CNY15This man decided it was a good idea to get his bicycle out of harm’s way.

Amsterdam06CNY15“Let’s get this party started!”

Amsterdam07CNY15So we did!

Amsterdam08CNY15 Amsterdam09CNY15 Amsterdam10CNY15And the lion dances in front of the shop while a little one watches.

Amsterdam12CNY15Down the street, the dance begins again.

Amsterdam13CNY15Why I love Amsterdam. Aimlessly wandering never disappoints.



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