Narrowboat Adventure

P1100702Our craft for the day on the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal

Breakfast for the ducks

P1100706Our escorts

P1100709Under the bridge

P1100721Views from the cast iron Wootton Wawen Aquaduct

P1100736 P1100739 P1100744 P1100746Bathtub

P1100760Canal view

P1100767Inside the cabin

P1100800Under a bridge #55

P1100814Narrow passage

P1100828Tea Break!

P1100838Waiting for the lock

P1100848In we go

P1100859Lock closed

P1100881Water goes down

P1100887Lock opens (with the help of some lovely canal


P1100900On we go

P1100915Dedicated runner


Note the low level of the tow path giving a duck’s eye

view of passing boats

P1100941Future shawls and scarves


Views from the Edstone Aquaduct, the longest in


P1100984P1100953 P1100957 P1100959Just out for a day’s cruise

P1100972For a sunnier day

P1110014Canal dredger

P1110017 P1110019 P1110021Freindly fellow narrowboaters

P1110050Locks again

P1110060 P1110093Patient ramblers having lunch

P1110131Back to dock, safe and sound!







2 thoughts on “Narrowboat Adventure

    • Thank you, Jo! I didn’t mind the weather at all and my hosts have promised me another day out next year so we can experience (hopefully) a nicer day. Glad you enjoyed my journey.

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