Come Visit Me!

P1100414Want to see where I live?

I live in a gorgeous garden behind this house.

P1100438Sir Charles Barry, architect, best known for his work in rebuilding the Houses of Parliament,

P1100443lived in this beautiful house on Clapham Common. Now another kind of beauty is found here (beside me!).

Lots of flowers

P1100419 P1100420 P1100422 P1100436 P1100378 P1100382 P1100386a pond with fish and a duck

P1100402 P1100405lovely peaceful places to sit or stroll

P1100408 P1100417 P1100418 P1100434interesting plants

P1100423 P1100429

bees to make honey that we sell to support the help and aid we give patients and families needing end-of-life care.

P1100399 P1100400

Visit and support if you can.

P1100412Thanks for visiting!



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