Routes 73 and 38, Today’s Bus Rides

P1100065#73 heading up Oxford Street

Cool building

P1100067I am just going to put on my banana suit and ramdomly wander in traffic

P1100070Yes, but do they do Fairy Cakes?
P1100072Busses, busses


P1100076Just loved the name

P1100079#38 back…Bloomsbury


P1100082 P1100083Near Cambridge Circus

P1100084Piccadilly Circus,view down Regent Street

P1100086 P1100088yum…

P1100090Green Park

P1100091Construction around Victoria Station

P1100092End of the line



4 thoughts on “Routes 73 and 38, Today’s Bus Rides

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  2. Aren’t London buses brilliant! I use the 73 regularly between Victoria and Kings Cross. My problem is that the shops on Oxford Street always call to me and I end up stopping there a while. Happened to me just last night!

    • LOL! You are preaching to the choir, sister. The buses are one of my favorite things about London. Next time you are in Victoria Station on a 73, wave out the window. I am probably milling about in the crowd somewhere. 😉

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