I’ll be gone from Amsterdam for a bit….just a last little visit to one of my favorite museums here. These are just a few of my personal favs.

Before email, long before email, this is what letters were carried in.

P1090758These are bags for needlework.

P1090170 P1090172Everything you need for the opera.

P1090210Before Starbucks

P1090746Kit for knitting handbags. Each of these grain-of-sand sized beads were strung on before the bag was knitted. That means no mistakes could be made in the stringing or the knitting or the pattern would be ruined.

P1090765These are the results

P1090767P1090187I don’t know what this is, but it’s cute and a cat thing

P1090751A birdie bag!
P1090773One of my favorites is the clutch made to look like an ocean liner and given away on the cruise line.

P1090779There is even the Judith Leiber cupcake bag from the Sex in the City movie

P1090752And this one from Judith Leiber….created for Hillary Clinton in the image of the White House cat, Socks. Now, if you ever have a couple of grand just burning a hole in your pocket and want to make a little blogger really, really really happy……P1090756 Bye to Amsterdam for a bit….new adventures???





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