Best flea market EVEH!

The day starts with a free ferry ride across the Ij.

P1080582Boarding the ferry

P1080583Racing the neighboring ferry

P1080585Views across the Ij

P1080588 P1080589Arriving with another ferry

P1080590Awaiting passengers wtih theit loot

P1080592And we are off

P1080593Held in a disused manufacturing site…

P1080594P1080596…there is everything from the sublime…

P1080616…to the ridiculous….

P1080605…and everything inbetween…

P1080595 P1080599P1080600The interiors are interesting as well




and a little funny..


maybe you need some keys…

P1080620or a tin…

P1080618or a bag…

P1080613or a herd of elephants…

P1080621I wanted these…

P1080608and these…

P1080609I had these…

P1080622maybe something for your inner child…

P1080625or your inner Sheldon

P1080638or the perfect pepper mill…(one came away with us…)

P1080623and almost anything else you can think of…

P1080626P1080628P1080611P1080602(I don’t think he was for sale…)

P1080604P1080637The one that didn’t get away….

P1080642 P1080641The Haul. (Yes, it all fit in the bike bag.)


and a well deserved beverage to round out the day.



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