P108056115 minutes from Amsterdam is the beautiful town of Haarlem…

Grote Kerk of St Bavo in the Grote Markt. (Tomorrow’s post will be of the interior.)


P1080471P1080473 P1080483Lovely buildings, lanes, canals and shops…

P1080468P1080467P1080469 P1080470 P1080474P1080559P1080481Need a haircut?

P1080478P1080475Wall tiles outside a cafe

P1080480Even the Red Light district is festive

P1080565And a visit to Teylers Museum, but just a few pictures of the treasures there.


P1080567This is a battery. Try lugging that around in your pocket to power a phone.

P1080569P1080570 P1080571 P1080572P1080579And my day woudn’t have been complete without paintings of cats

P1080573 P1080574My favorite was this one, titled Kaambezoek, which is a Dutch word for a party given to meet the new baby.

P1080576 P1080578We completed the day with the best ollie bol I have ever had. Here is an action shop of the happines being made…

P1080580Sorry, no photos of the completed ollie bol. (I ate it too fast….well, I’ll just have to go back next year for another.)


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