Reflections of Vancouver

P1060086Today’s walk

P1060088P1060085 P1060111 P1060112



9 thoughts on “Reflections of Vancouver

  1. Vancouver is a great city, its situation is breathtaking. I like your shots, but I have to say, I’ve always thought Vancouver’s skyline was, well, actually ugly. Maybe it’s all those condos …

    • Don’t they look like the plastic bug boxes that children have? Especially at twilight coming over one of the bridges when people are starting to turn on their lights. The view of all these people stacked on top of one another is almost surreal. I much prefer medieval villages (love your French Villages, BTW, and your paintings are LOVELY!) to any modern architecture but my search for a perched white stone village here is so far proving unfruitful…;)

      • THAT’s the description I’ve been looking for! – giant plastic bug boxes. Assuming ‘here’ is ‘this’ side of the Atlantic, like me, I think your search for a white stone village is definitely fruitless 😉 Thank you for your kinds words about my post and paintings. Much appreciate.

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