Eze Village

P1040597P1040598Winding pathways, Juliette balconies,

P1040600 P1040601


P1040602 P1040605 P1040608 P1040611…a handy little tractor that goes down stairs…


Meanwhile back in the village…

P1040699 P1040700 P1040703


P1040705 P1040707 P1040708 P1040709…a little humour…

P1040721…back to the village…

P1040724 P1040726 P1040728 P1040732 P1040735 P1040737 P1040824…shops with lovely things to buy….

P1040825 P1040826 P1040830 P1040844 P1040845 P1040847…unless it is lunch time…

P1040831…you could eat here…P1040856…where there is a beach, on a mountain…

P1040853…but the weather is closing in….

P1040858…and it is time to leave this enchanted village…



2 thoughts on “Eze Village

  1. Beautiful. One of my friend was in the area at the same time as you. She put some pictures on FB so I posted a link to your blog.
    Keep feeding us with stunning photos :o)

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