Mini Cars

P1000737They are everywhere…

P1000406One can dream…

P1000407Even little trucks

P1010765 P1010540 P1000403

and are so cute…

P1010528 P1010493 P1010311 P1000876 P1000870 P1000559 P1000428They can go in the bike lane..

P1000668and even on the passenger ferries..

P1010339You know, I have handbags that are bigger.


3 thoughts on “Mini Cars

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  2. I own & love my 2009 SmartForTwo Pure.I live alone so a car for two with lots of legroom & headroom is ideal for me. I can get my car and Piaggio scooter in the same carport parking space. I’ve had it for nearly 4 years now and have under 17,000 miles on it showing how little I drive longer distances. Since retiring it has been the best car I’ve ever owned, getting good gas mileage and meeting all my vehicle needs. It’s also fun to drive. 🙂

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