A Charming Afternoon

It was warm and cozy in the back of the Chocolate Company  as I watched the snowflakes drift down onto Haarlemmerdijk.   Warming my hands on my coffee cup, accompanied by a sneaky chocolate, I waited for my lunch companion to arrive.


People wandered in, met friends, ordered drinks and food, oooh’ed and ahhhh’ed over the cute selection of gifts…..001b 001a

Across the little aisle from me, the inhabitant of the next table was unfazed by all, until we heard a special noise. His ears perked up, and he stood to see if there was anything he should know about…


Ahhh…the reason for the concern: a bossy little feline was voicing demands to be petted. First from the owners of the cafe and then he began to wander towards us, stopping at each table and meowing. The woman two tables in front of me was delighted with the company and took out her iPad to photograph the moment. I had hoped for a visit but the royal progress was slow and I was sure the canine presence would deter any coming closer.


My friend arrived and we ordered tea. Beautifully served, each with its own timer and a little chocolate. We chatted, finished our teas and settled in for the afternoon.004

These small cafes in Amsterdam are wonderful in the afternoon; no hurrying, quiet, peaceful. We ordered lunch, broccoli soup and brown bread. It was wonderful. Hot soup, fresh bread, served with a little gracious flirting. When finished, we sat in companionable silence; I knitted, my friend studied.

Then I saw a movement under the table…we had been joined by the boss who jumped up on the bench beside me and made a bed on my coat, cuddled next to me and meowed to be petted. I complied. How could one not? He settled to sleep, catnaps in his new home.


His name is Dickie and he is from a cat shelter. His owner died and no one discovered them for 10 days; Dickie was without food or water or his companion. But he has a new home now, and in only a week, has settled in as Supreme Being, He Who Must Be Petted, and emits loud purrs of appreciation.

But, the time had come for dessert. We debated over the chocolates


but finally settled on a slice of cake to be shared and my friend ordered a hotchocspoon…a delight developed by The Chocolate Company.


There are lots of flavours…you make your choice and are brought a large mug of hot milk into which the chocolate spoon is plunged,


then you stir until the chocolate melts into the milk. Delicious….as was the cake.

010We didn’t notice the afternoon passing, Dickie took an interest in my knitting, but we had a short conversation and he agreed it was of no interest to him.011Dickie was unimpressed.


I have not passed such a charming afternoon in a good while. If you find yourself in the Haarlemmerdijk, or even if you don’t, come here for some good food, good atmosphere and good chocolate. If you are lucky, you may be treated to some good company as well.

Chocolate Company Amsterdam

Haarlemmerdijk 158

1013 JK Amsterdam



7 thoughts on “A Charming Afternoon

  1. What a cute story 🙂 Thanks for linking to the cafe – I’m looking for places to visit when my mom and I visit this summer, I might have to go just for the chocolate spoon!

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