So I took the train to France…

to stay in a beautiful village called Beaune.

This is the view from my bedroom.

 We wandered the streets and ate at a little cafe.

 Our luncheon campanion.

I ordered this:

It was very good.

We wandered down little streets,

  saw where wine was made,

 had coffee in little cafes,

 but not at this one!

This ceiling is in an alleyway,

and lots of the roofs are colourfully tiled.

 There was a cat who  invited us to see her kittens,

a convenience with instructions,

 and a cow in a courtyard.

Many offerings at the market,

 and a quiet place in the church.

 I took a tram ride in the town,

around narrow corners,

 and through narrow streets.

We saw the back of the church,

 an original wash house,

 went out to the vineyards,

 and back into town to see the oldest house in the village.

 When the tour was over, I walked back to get a better picture but before I got there someone bopped me on the head as I walked by her house.

 After a plesant chat with the chat, I did remember to take another photo of the old house.

 And I fell asleep by the light of a lantern, already dreaming of my return.


9 thoughts on “So I took the train to France…

  1. MJ,

    You really should put out a book of photos. They are delightful!

    Look forward to getting together when you return to Vancouver.



  2. Thanks for stopping by Keeping up with Carol and thanks for sharing your trip! I made it to the UK, but never France. Great picture from your room looking out! All the pictures were great!

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