What to do on a perfect day in Sydney…

Take the ferry to the zoo.

See the cruise ships in the harbour.

Good by Sydney.

Hello Zoo!

Look over the water while waiting in the queue for the gondola.

Take a look at Sydney on the way up.

Admire the view from the top before entering the zoo.

See koalas.

Watch the keeper feed them. (Gimme, gimme, gimme!)

Or tiger cubs.

See kangaroos,

strange chickens,

 and a skyscraper goat.

See a keeper walking her sheep,

or a baby Tasmanian Devil at feeding time.

See a bird screeching at an echidna.

Turn you head and come face to face with a wallaby,

or a little kangaroo,

or lots of goats.

 I think I’ll just hang out here and sun myself.

See an emu,

and meerkats.

Lots of meerkats.

Piles of meerkats.

Walk a bit and see these. (I don’t have a clue what they are, but I think I want one.)

Untouched by Photoshop, I promise. A giant carp and a tiny tapir.

Normal sized carp.

A cute bird.

And another.

Tree kangaroos,

being fed.

Hey, the door is open and I want more!

The world’s most venomous spider. In a box.

Walk back to say goodbye to the meerkats.

Bye, now!

Take the gondola down to the ferry.

Sail back to the city.


6 thoughts on “What to do on a perfect day in Sydney…

  1. I haven’t been to Taronga Zoo since I was a child. I must go back.
    Thank you for signing up for my blog. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts and leave a comment occasionally.

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